DJ Enzo is a British musician based in The Kingdom of Bahrain with over 10 years of experience as a DJ specialising in Contemporary music such as Soulful, House, Nu Jazz, Lounge, Retro and Party music. Having been influenced by 70s and 80s music in his youth, his music style has been shaped by this, and with experience of working alongside a New York Jazz band over a few months allowed him to further develop his knowledge of Jazz and Lounge music.

Enzo is currently the resident DJ at the 5 star Westin Resort in the Maldives. Past DJ gigs had him performing at various venues such as the Sofitel Hotel in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a Mexican Festival at Cantina Kahlo and a number of New Year’s Eve parties at The Swiss Bel-hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel and Coda Jazz Lounge. Furthermore, 2017 was an essential year for Enzo as he played at a destination wedding in Beirut and held the main act in The Ritz Carlton’s New Years’ Eve celebration. Enzo creates his own edits and mashups which stretch the boundaries of music and brands himself on his eclectic musical style as well as his DJ skills.

DJ Enzo has worked alongside various Latin, Jazz and Fusion bands. His passion for mixing a range of genres into one DJ set to showcase his mixing skills and techniques is one of his favourite parts of being a DJ.


Residencies: Westin Maldives, Ritz Carlton Bahrain, Coda Jazz Lounge Bahrain, Cantina Kahlo Mexican Lounge Bahrain, Royal Golf Club Bahrain

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